Davina Davidson

Davina Davidson.png

Davina Davidson, Director of Teacher Inspiration and Progression for YogaOne Studio, joined YogaOne in the summer of 2009, never having practiced before. As a former college athlete, she figured yoga would be easy, although she soon learned that was not the case. But she stayed with it, working her way from student to teacher. Today she spends her days attending classes, mentoring teachers, and leading yoga-teacher trainings.

Known for her playful and progressive approach to yoga practice—which leaves her students feeling rejuvenated and excited for more—Davidson ultimately wants to provide a space where her students can tap into their power and strength. With a background in gymnastics and a love for inverting, she gives her students the opportunity to explore life upside down, safely.

Before yoga, Davidson spent ten years in education, teaching Algebra, serving in school leadership, completing her master’s degree in Educational Administration and her Ed D in Organizational Leadership, and attending Rice University’s Entrepreneurial Educators Program.