Vee Ramos

Veronica Ramos.jpg

Ramos is a Houston native and brand designer who helps her clients communicate their respective missions to the world. A lover of art from an early age, she has a BFA in graphic design from the Art Institute of Houston.

With a passion for travel and exploring different cultures, Ramos served in the Peace Corps as an Information Technology volunteer. She was stationed in Cameroon in West Africa, where she created supportive environments where young girls and women could speak up about emotionally and sexually traumatic events. After returning to the U.S. in 2014, Vee earned her yoga-teacher-training certification. She currently works with children and adults who have experienced emotional trauma.

A year ago, Ramos started the popular podcast Grown, hoping to challenge herself and work on her own communication style and avoidant tendencies. The show explores difficult and uncomfortable topics, personal stories, and areas of growth.